Omaha Escape Rooms

Locked Room Omaha

741 N 120th St, Omaha – 20 mins

The Last Hour of The Titanic is a hard escape room, one where you must escape from the Cargo hold before the ship sinks. Back In the 50s – Uncle Marv’s Soda Shop is considered a beginner level and challenges you to find a will hidden in his shop. Death by Wine is an intermediate difficulty level, work to find the antidote to a neurotoxin you ingested at the party. Fresh Meat – The Zombie Escape Adventure takes place in a bakery/ butcher shop where you must figure out how to distract the zombies and escape.

Price: $25 per person

Duration: 1 hour

Get Out Omaha

501 S 13th St, Omaha – 4 mins

Get Out Omaha features 4 escape rooms. Room 13 is rated 7/10 and you have to escape from a sinister hotel. Y2K bug takes down computer networks and you must reset the system before midnight. The Gambler is rated 8/10 and challenges you to save the Oceanside Casino. Civil War takes place in an enemy bunker and you have an hour to get out before they come for you. Hours are Sunday 11am-5pm, Mon-Thur Noon-10pm, Friday Noon-11pm and Sunday 11am-11pm.

Price: $25 per person

Duration: 1 hour

Entrap Games

7905 L St #110, Ralston – 15 mins

LiCastro’s Lair takes place in a castle and Off Limits occurs in the single room of a mansion. The Heist involves acquiring security footage of you and your friends cheating during a poker game. Ransom challenges you and your friends to escape from people who have asked for ransom but plan on killing you after anyway. Hours of operation are Mon-Thur 4pm-9pm, Friday 12:30pm-10:30pm, Saturday 11am-10:30pm and Sunday 12:30pm-7:30pm.

Price: $25 per person

Duration: 1 hour

The Escape Omaha

6315 Center St, Omaha – 10 mins

The Lost Antidote challenges you to find out how a mad scientists plans to poison the city and extract the antidote. In Area 405, work to reveal the secrets of a dangerous extraterrestrial cover-up. Uptown Murder requires you to trace clues back to a killer before they strike again. Conquered Embassy involves espionage, diplomacy and betrayal as a fellow spy blows your cover. Hours are Wed-Thur 4pm-10pm and Fri-Sun 11am-10pm.

Price: $99 per room (private escape room)

Duration: 1-2 hours